Unusual Adventures #adventurechat

Snow camping
Snow camping

We start with 10 Questions on Monday 25th January 2016 - Join the chat on Twitter - #adventurechat - at 6pm GMT. Here are the 10 questions we'll be talking about and there will be a follow up to the story in the coming days:

Q1 Travel is about adventure. What really rocks your boat and makes your trip a true adventure?

Q2 What is your definition of ‘unusual’ when it comes to adventure?

Q3 Have you ever had an unusual adventure that took you by surprise? 

Q4 When was the last time u got out of the proverbial comfort zone on your travels? Share the moment with a photo or video?

Q5 Does having an unusual adventure always mean leaving your comfort zone? 

Q6 What is the best combination for you between safety and risk when it comes to travel adventures?

Q7 Do you prefer to do your adventures solo or with a friend/companion?

Q8 When it comes to adventure – do you organise it  yourself or do you prefer to let someone else do it for you?

Q9  What are the top 3 adventures on your bucket list that would be considered ‘unusual’ by most people?

Q10 What is your definition of adventure travel?


Just add #adventurechat to your answer to join the chat and have a lively and fun discussion with all of us.