The Guest Book

Guestbooks can be fun
Guestbooks can be fun

Here at True Adventure we meet new people every day, people from all over the world, from seasoned travellers to casual tourists, from engineers to artists and school kids. It's a wonderful mix and the best part about it is that they are all thirsty for adventure and experiencing something new. We have the videos and the pictures to capture this emotion, but we also decided this summer to go the old fashioned way and have our own 'guest book' - the pen and paper version. Here are some of the first few notes that our customers left for us.


This is us flying over Seljalandsfoss - how can you not love this? Reviews online are great, but it cannot compare to the smiles we get on our faces every time we look at the words and pictures left by our passengers. 

Flying over waterfalls in Iceland

Drawing of Seljalandsfoss

Claire and Chris from Belfast visited on their third wedding anniversary and were so happy to fly with us. They were full of energy and this set the mood for a great flight. It was a fantastic day with some of the brightest sunshine we've seen in Vik this summer. We are so glad that you enjoyed your special day, Claire and Chris! 

Chris Belfast Wedding Anniversary

Claire Belfast Wedding Anniversary


Unfortunately the weather is not always on our side, so sometimes we just have to change plans and wait for a better moment to go paragliding. We know how much our customers look forward to their tandem flight, so when we can't go up in the sky, we search for adventure on the ground. Dillan and Steve from New York loved the tour we did around Katla Geopark and we really hope to see them again soon so they can get to fly too. 

Dillan & Steve Guest Book Review