From 9 to 90 and everything in between

Iða Jóns­dótt­ir's dream come true
Iða Jóns­dótt­ir's dream come true

When it comes to adventure most people, whether they admit it or not, draw an invisible line that is usually defined by age. Adventure is something for the  'young', get it over and done with, so you can then move on, settle down and become whatever you are meant to become according to the rules (or matrix if you wish).

Well, this is certainly not the way to fully experience life with all its ups and downs, colours and shades, stormy and calm moments, and everything in between. And that's one thing that I love about doing tandem paragliding flights with people, you not only get to experience the thrill and excitement that each one of them goes through on a daily basis, but you get to meet the most amazing and wonderful human beings, who are in it for the adventure and want to try something new, something that is out of the ordinary and it is regarded as a challenge. 

Iða Jóns­dótt­ir is one of the people I met last July who is an absolute inspiration and a fantastic human being. Hers is a wonderful story and I want to share just a small part of it here, you can read more in her book, available now on Amazon. Iða was born in Iceland 90 years ago and spent her first 20 years here, eventually marrying Del Herman, an American serviceman who was stationed in Reykjavik. They moved to the U.S. and raised their family there. Ever since she was a little girl, Iðas says she was fascinated with the birds and wanted to fly like the eagles she used to watch. One day, on 2nd June 1934, her and her younger sister climbed a little shed and decided to give it a go. It happened to be just at the same time as the big Dalvik earthquake and the two little girls quickly gave up their attempt to fly and ran away as they thought the trolls were coming (according to Icelandic folklore earthquakes are caused by trolls stomping around and making the ground shake). So flying was something that Iða has dreamt about for the last 80 years, and me and my partner Sammi, had the privilege to be part of making her dream come true. In her own words: 

"Absolutely everything that I’ve dreamed of. The flight was just wonderful. I really can’t be happier.Because it really was everything that I thought would be like. And I got to see what the seagulls see. They were up in the air and I always wondered what is it that they really see."

So you see, adventure is for everyone. Doesn't matter whether you are 9 or 90, if your mind and heart are into it, just go ahead and do it. Is there a secret sauce to it? I had to ask Iða and the answer to what keeps her so active and healthy was refreshingly simple - stay active and keep moving! According to her daughter, who was there with us and came flying too, her Mom even has her own microwave dance for when she is waiting for stuff to heat up in the microwave. Just keep on moving and never stop dreaming, like Iða said:

"Always have something that you dream of and wish that you can do that someday, "I’m gonna do that" and one of these days you will do it."