The team

A day doesn’t go by for the team at True Adventure Paragliding without excitement and new challenges. They like to make the most of every moment and if you join them on a tandem flight you will be infected by their eagerness to live every moment to the full and enjoy the freedom of the skies. They take your personal safety very seriously but never at the expense of making sure you have extreme amounts of fun when you are gliding with them over Iceland. Sammi, Þráinn and Gísli are APPI Certified Paragliding Pro Tandem Pilots.

Samúel Alexandersson Tandem Pilot

Samúel Alexandersson

Tandem Pilot Instructor
Mobile +354 698 8890

Sammi has been flying since 2009 both in Iceland and South Africa. He is a tandem instructor pilot who also takes you through some pretty awesome acrobatic manoeuvres that will seem effortless due to his poise and expertise. He’s half-man/half-bird and follows the flight of the Arctic tern (Sterna) to the southern hemisphere every year. You can spot him in the sky over Cape Town during the winter months enjoying his favourite activities all at once. Flying, food and travel.  


Þráinn Sigurðsson Tandem Pilot

Þráinn Sigurðsson

Tandem Pilot Instructor

Þráinn is born and bred on Iceland's South Coast, his home town is Hveragerði even though he's been living in Vík for the majority of his on this planet. He's a skilled carpenter and is in charge of all our building projects, which at the moment are quite a few. After being introduced to paragliding in 2013, his quest for adventure has been on the rise. He flies alongside Sammi all day long in the summer and spends winters guiding zipline tours in Vík for Zipline Iceland, building us a house, renovating our next big project (TBA) and flying in Spain. When Þráinn has a spare time he loves everything with bacon and is known to be a tough component on the towns badminton field. 


Ása Einarsdóttir

Paragliding enthusiast

Ása learned to paraglide at the same time as Sammi and has travelled the world with her paraglider on her back. Her adventures have taken her to Nepal, India, South-Africa, North-Macedonia, France and Malta to name a few. She likes a lot of variety in her life so to even out this adventurous lifestyle, you can find her behind the computer designing websites, or working on social media marketing or even doing the books. Ása is the one man's office team for True Adventure and a driver and assistant for the team while out paragliding. To wind down after long days at the office (either in- or outdoors) she feels tranquil while having a swim in the Atlantic ocean (around 0°C in winter) or upside down on her yoga mat. 



Gísli Steinar Jóhannesson Tandem Pilot

Gísli Steinar Jóhannesson

Tandem Pilot Instructor
Mobile +354 848 3222

An experienced instructor paragliding pilot since 2008, Gísli is keen to share his passion for a free flight with others. He's always on the lookout for new ways to make flying more accessible to everyone and is an active award-winning member of the startup community in Iceland. Gísli is enthusiastic about everything to do with flying, loves great coffee, good food and enjoys nature and the outdoors.