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We are a small business and believe in honest communication and fair dealing with all our customers and partners. These Terms & Conditions aim to be brief and clear, so you are happy about your booking, know what to expect and we can just get on with flying which is what we love and do best.

  1. General Terms & Liability

1.1. Agreement

By booking any of our tours or purchasing any of our services you agree that you have read and accepted True Adventure’s Terms & Conditions.

1.2. Liability

True Adventure doesn’t take responsibility for any damage, loss, accident or illness or change in travel plans or schedules  caused by weather, strikes or any other event outside of True Adventure’s control. We reserve the right to change the departure times, itineraries and take off locations (for paragliding flights) without prior notice, should there be the need to do so. Of course we will take all necessary measures to inform our customers of any such changes, however we also advise that you contact us 24 hours before departure to confirm there are no alterations to the itinerary or meeting/pickup point.

1.3. Terms & Expressions

The terms & expressions used in these Terms & Conditions shall have the following meaning:

Day Course or a Tandem Paragliding Flight is a paragliding introductory course, designed to give the participant an overview of handling and using a paraglider, high level overview of aerodynamics, appropriate weather conditions and safety issues when flying a paraglider. This course is in no way sufficient to prepare the student for flying on his own. In order to do that one has to take a full beginners course, Parapro 2 or the equivalent thereof, conducted by a certified paragliding flight school. The instructors of True Adventure are all rated by Fisfelag Reykjavikur (FR) and also have international qualifications with APPI as Advanced Tandem Pilots. FR is a certified ultralight club from  Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration (ICAA) and The International Airsports Federation (FAI).

Day Tour - refers to any activity organized by True Adventure that might or might not involve paragliding tandem flight as part of it. We are a registered tour operator in Iceland and as such we can organize a variety of tours, some of them bookable through our website and others available on request.

Student - also referred to as participant is the individual who participates in a tandem paragliding flight or day course.

Customer - is an individual who takes part in a day course or a day tour or books any of the services provided by True Adventure either through this website or directly.  

True Adventure Website or the website - www.trueadventure.is is a website owned and operated by True Adventure ehf.

Booking - a payment made for any of the services provided by True Adventure either directly through the booking forms on this website, or via a payment link sent by True Adventure to the Customer or directly to a representative of True Adventure. The booking constitutes an agreement between the Customer and True Adventure and the Customer agrees with all the provisions of these Terms & Conditions including the Refunds and Cancellation Policy.

1.4. Insurance

We advise all customers to have adequate health and travel insurance, as this is their own responsibility and we cannot be responsible if your travel and accident insurance doesn’t cover you for sports such as paragliding.

2. Day Courses / Day Tours Terms and Conditions

All participants in our Day Course / Day Tour or Tandem Paragliding Flight are required to read and agree to these T&C before the tour or flight’s departure. All flying activity with True Adventure falls under an “introductory course to paragliding flight”.

For logistics information specific to Tandem Paragliding Flight / Introductory course see:


For logistics information specific to Day Tours see:




3. Scope of Document

By booking and paying the confirmation fee for the Day Course / Day Tour, you agree to all articles relating to payment and our Refund & Cancellation Policy for all parties that are booked and paid for in your name.

4. Informed Participation

By agreeing to these T&C, The customer confirms that he is aware that risk is inevitably an inherent part of all flying activities. The customer confirms that he understands that flying a paraglider is potentially dangerous as is the case with all other forms of aviation and active sports. The customer confirms that he bears full responsibility of attending this introductory course and all activities that are part of the course. This includes full responsibility of accidents, incidents and damage to clothes, accessories or other personal belongings that can occur while the customer partakes in this course during take-off, landing or in-flight. The customer always bears the sole responsibility of whether or not to fly an introductory tandem flight. The customer agrees that under no circumstances will he/she sue True Adventure or its instructors nor Fisfelag Reykjavikur for injuries that he/she may sustain on this course.

5. Refund and Cancellation Policy

5.1. On Part of the Customer

All cancellations and requests for refund on part of the customer should be made in writing and sent to trueadventure@trueadventure.is. We know that plans change and sometimes cancellations are inevitable. We try to be flexible, but please bear in mind that last minute cancellations not only result in loss of income for us but might prevent us from taking bookings from other customers. The following terms apply for cancellations made by customers:

  • Cancellations made more than 3 days (72 hours) prior to tour departure time - 100% refund

  • Cancellations made up to 12 hours prior to tour departure time - 50% refund

  • Cancellations made less than 12 hours prior to departure time - no refund will be issued

  • No show at pickup location or meeting point - no refund will be issued


5.2. On Part of True Adventure

In cases when True Adventure cancels the tour/course due to weather conditions, safety considerations or any other reasons:

  • An alternative time will be offered for the tour

  • If the customer accepts the alternative offer it becomes binding and any cancellations on behalf of the customer will be treated under the same terms as described above in the “On part of the customer” section

  • If the customer doesn’t accept an alternative time for the tour a full refund will be issued.

  • Refunds are issued through our payment provider and can take between 1 to 3 weeks to process. Please check with your card issuer / bank if you don’t see the refund appearing in your statement and let us know if there are any issues.

We always try to minimize cancellations on our part, however we will never risk our customers’ or pilot’s safety and will cancel if there is a valid reason. We will aim to contact the customer as soon as we know that a tour needs to be cancelled so it is important that you provide us with a valid email address and telephone number for us to be able to contact you.

There will be no refund of part or all tour/course fees, if the tour/course took place. If the day turns out to be non-flyable due to weather or other safety reasons that are outside True Adventure's control then the services are deemed to have been rendered.

6. Variation of Terms

True Adventure reserves the right to unilaterally change these Terms & Conditions. In case of such changes True Adventure shall notify the Customer by publishing them on the True Adventure Website. The Client shall be granted by True Adventure a reasonable term to get acquainted with the changes to these Terms & Conditions, but not less than two weeks from the publication of the changes as described above. We advise all our clients to check the Terms & Conditions prior to the Day Tour/ Day Course booked in case some changes have been made that might affect them.

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