Paragliding in Iceland

A tandem paragliding experience - with True Adventure Paragliding you will fly, enjoy stunning views and have a lot of fun up in the sky above Iceland. 

Man’s desire to fly has always been one of the greatest dreams of humanity. Watching the birds soar in a seemingly effortless way has stirred our deepest impulses to be free and explore the world from above.

Controlled powered flight has been around for over a century now. We are so used to the fact that we can fly halfway around the world in less than a day and yet for most people the possibility to experience free flight still remains in the land of dreams or is considered by most people to be the folly of adrenaline junkies.

In reality paragliding is one of the best and most comfortable ways to enjoy the Earth from above. While it is still classified as an ‘extreme’ airborne sport, in the hands of True Adventure Paragliding's experienced instructor pilots, who take weather conditions and passenger safety into serious consideration, it can be the most fun you’ve ever had. Paragliders are structures with a soft wing and no internal frame. You are connected to the wing by at least 30 lines any of which is strong enough to support your full body weight. The speed of flying is slower compared to other methods and the seat is very comfy almost like a lounge chair which allows you to relax and enjoy the views straight after take-off.

So the main ‘danger’ is that you will probably like it so much that you will want to do it again!

Short videos from our trips